Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Time : Carousel Part 2

As promised these are the Ceana's pictures taken during her first carousel ride...

still looking at the camera!
don't worry Mommy's here...
looks like my daughter is hanging on to dear life!
holding on to the cute!

what's that Mommy?
looking back at Lola and Lolo who were frantically waving at her...

The walker experience (at SM Department Store)

first time to try it
looks like she's enjoying it!
looking for MOMMY!!!!
get me out of here!
Mommy please!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Cravings Story

Before we move on to delivery, as they say a pregnancy is not complete without those unusual food cravings. Well for me, it is not actually unusual since I just ate ordinary foods at larger quantities and craved for them more than the usual. And these foods are the following :

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Juice (this is what I drank for the first few weeks, and even before I knew I was preggy, I had been drinking it while we were in Baguio-see pregnancy story here)

Blueberry Cheesecake (and I haven't overcome the craving till now)

Cheesebread ( made in a local bakery and I get really frustrated if I was not able to buy because everything has been sold out-since this has a schedule for production-that is after lunch a.k.a 'merienda time' and the fact that it is a bestseller, good timing is needed to buy it)

 Lychees ( this is actually a favorite as in super! pregnant or not)

Mixed Fruits Salad (when I was pregnant I my regular stop during grocery shopping is Puregold's Fresh Fruit Stand-"ung sabi nilang malapit nang mabulok na fruits and they just shave off the bad part and make into salad the good part-well it was damn yummy!))

Dunkin' Donut Strawberry-filled doughnut ( again another favorite pregnant or not!)

Jollibee's TLC Burger( just love the combination of lettuce, cheese and tomato plus the mayo dressing-take note JOLLIBEE not anything else,hehe)

Jollibee's  Meaty Spaghetti (well it was not really meaty after all!there was a time that I was able to eat 4 in a day and that is 'To-Go' or take out, I don't like to dine in at the stores and take note again JOLLIBEE not anything else,hehe!)

How about you?what were your cravings?(pregnant or not)lol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Time : Carousel

Today October16, 2011 was Ceana's first time to ride a merry go round (of course with me holding her!). You can just imagine the look on her face when the 'horse' started to gallop up and down, and then started circling around, me on the other hand is fighting the urge to be dizzy,haha... and everytime she passes by Lola and Lolo, who were positioned along the railings she automatically waves, and that is so cute! Well it was a very nice experience for her and I think she enjoyed it seeing how she smiles as she looks around and up the moving machine that she is hitched on to.

*these are just pictures taken from the Internet, will post actual pictures pretty soon...I am just so dead tired for today to upload the photos...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

9 Months and Growing

October 6th is my daughter's 9th month birthday....time flies so flies 3 more months to go and she's going to be a year old...

with her wig

Her developments :
- she can utter " MAMA" ( my favorite)
- she now has 2 lower incisors
- 2 upper incisors to erupt
- she can now wave good bye
- she can clap her hands
- dances and jumps when you sing "dance, dance, dance"
- points to her fingers when you say "count 1, 2, 3, 4 5!" then will clap her hands after
- knows when she is hungry and never sleeps without being fed
- knows when to go out of the house for her morning walk a.k.a "pangangapitbahay"
-interested into 2 tv ads 1. Ariel's (man playing violin)-maybe because she was familiar with the classical music being played on the stint and 2.Nescafe's ("good morning sa inyo")- with a woman singing a very easy to follow tune-very catchy indeed!

I love you so much baby, I know you will never go back to these days again, you will continue to develop and grow...and that's the reason why  I wanted to capture and enjoy every moment. I wanted to have something to look back to when you  don't want to be held by me anymore. So for now that I'm still your world, let me savor those precious moments...Don't grow up too fast baby! I wanted to enjoy you more....

I love you Margaret Ceana!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Delivery Story

My Delivery Story

After New Year of 2011, I have had the gut feeling that it will be near, the delivery I mean. You know-when it is like "the deadline is coming" that as each day ends you sigh and say to yourself that tomorrow's another day-of waiting, excitement and you start to anticipate all sorts of things and feelings. To tell you honestly, if I was given the choice (and chance) I would have like to have a normal delivery. I was  so much prepared with labor pains-I know that I have tolerance for pain and I'm not afraid. But then, that is IF ONLY...

January 5th 2011 was supposed to be my next check up appointment (the last I had was December 29th 2010, wherein I had my last sonogram to check on the baby's position since she is showing a breech presentation, good thing at that time, the baby was positioned correctly). So far check ups were on a weekly basis then as the due date approaches-my due date was supposed to be January 11th onwards so I am quite excited with the possibility of a 1/11/11 birthday for my daughter. My Ob-GYNE's secretary called me beforehand and informed that there will be no clinic schedule-that day falling  on a Wednesday, I was resceduled to January 6th-Thursday, I just obliged. 

Since after New Year's Eve I had been feeling some tingling/stinging pain in my pelvic bones-my Mom told me that my body is already preparing for the expected delivery. The day of my check up, was just a normal day for me, but I noticed that for the past few days the baby had been moving a lot-and the pre-mature contractions were more intense. I had been expecting my water bag breaking and labor pains coming anytime.

Immediately when it was my turn, the doctor's secretary  upon entering the clinic said there's something different about me, and when my doctor saw me, she said "Iba na itsura mo!Manganganak ka na!" She gave me an IE and found out that there was already blood down there, she then instructed me to eat lunch and get admitted as soon as possible. I told her I needed to go home to get my things since I came to the check up alone. As soon as I was out of the clinic, I called my husband and informed him that it is time. He then told me to come home so that we can chat before I go back to the hospital. BUT Instead of going home, I went to Puregold first to buy some stuff-cup noodles, 3-in-1 coffee sachets, other food stuff needed. Then I had lunch at Jollibee enjoyed every bit of my Chickenjoy meal!hehe My husband got panicky when he called home some 30minutes after and I am not there yet. He thought that something might have happened to me already, I didn't answer his calls on my cellphone since I don't want him nagging me about my last minute activities. When I got home the people there were apprehensive about my condition because apparently my worried husband has filled them in with the details.

I was still acting so calm and composed, no sign of fear, anxiety,etc. I took a bath while waiting for the manicurist to come so that I can have my pedi/mani for the last time. When it was time, hubby and I said goodbye to eachother via Skype and I had my things taken to the van and we're off to the hospital.

at the Hospital-this is it!

I was admitted at around 3pm (on the way my OB-GYN's secretary was calling me asking me where I am now, said my doctor's worried with me). As soon as I finished signing the information sheet, everything was done-IV inserted, vital stats recorded, other information taken. By this time, my blood pressure took its highest toll 160/90-high blood!hays 
The ER doctor asked me if I am nervous and told her I wasn't. She told me not to be,everything will be alright. I didn't know where that pressure came from since I am not feeling the slightest sign of terror-excitement maybe! Then I was brought to the Labor Room the normal shaving done plus the other standard procedures, then the fetal monitor attached to me together with the contractions monitor (don't know the term!) Then I was induced thrice. None of it brought me the labor pains, but the contractions were happening almost every 5minutes now. I was also given catapres to lower down my blood pressure which never left the 160/90 mark it only went down to 140/90 after I took catapres. I was joined by my nephew Mac who is a RN, he was asking me about what I am feeling.During that time doctor checked on me and the fetal monitor and then at around 7pm she finally told me and Mac that the baby's heart rate is dipping. A baby's normal heart rate is supposed to be 150-160 bpm (beats per minute) but my baby's is nearing 100-such an alarming  rate already meaning the baby's getting stressed. Then she told me there's no choice but to perform emergency C-section. She said we can wait for labor if not for the dipping baby's heart rate. The the nurses came with the waiver to sign but before I did, (and the OR prepared) I called my husband first. It was 3am in San Jose, CA that time, he was still in the middle of his sleep (the nerve that he can still sleep, while I am in the Labor Room waiting to be sentenced!LOL), informed him of the update, and that I will be done a C-section as soon as possible. he just said that whatever's needed to be done,let it be done. As soon as everything's set, I was brought to the adjoining room-the Operating Room. I was saying a silent prayer while  being wheeled in through a stretcher, asking God to take care of me and my baby, and lifting everything to Him. 
The next thing I know, the anesthesiologist was asking me questions and giving me a heads up on what's going to happen. He was explaining about the procedure and the numbness that I'll feel and he was comforting me not to be nervous. I was disinfected, scubbed with betadine and before I knew it, he asked me to bend as bent as I could, and was applied the general anesthesia. Seconds after, I was starting to feel the numbness the anethesiologist was referring to. Then I started praying the "Our Father" but never finished it, I was always starting and never reached the end of the prayer.

 I was awake but very groggy, but I knew very well what was happening around me, including the topics the nurses together with my OB GYN were discussing while performing the operation. I can still detect the smell of cigarette coming from my anesthesiologist's hands (haha!) because he regularly checks my blood pressure and asks me if I am ok. I can feel my body swaying when I felt that I was being 'sliced up'. There wasa time when I feel like throwing up and I told him, he said it's normal, but then I didn't throw up at all. Then when it was time, I heard my doctor asked one of the male senior staff nurse to push, it felt suffocating like there was a big block put on top of my chest area. 

Then I heard everyone involved in the opearation cheering up eachother in pushing the baby out, then finally I heard the most beautiful sound I've heard in my daughter's cry! It was 7:49PM as declared by my doctor...

It's so natural, tears of joy flowed from my eyes. I am officially a mommy! 

Everything was in a blurr now, the next thing I know was hearing my daughter's peditrician hushing to my ears congratulating me on my WELL BABY...

Things happened next after the other, as I was taken out of the OR, we passed by the nursery where I heard my family gushing over atthe new family member at the nursery. I heard familiar voices but felt too groggy to respond to them. I was taken to my room already to recover and rest, not on the recovery room. I was half sleeping, still feeling the contractions brought by the oxytoxin still contained in the IV that was  inserted to me. I had the chills-that went on for as long as I can remember-this was the anesthesia's usual effect. At 3am I woke up asked my caregiver cum cousin  whi was with me to call my husband and we talked for a short time. At 4am, I was intructed to finally use a pillow and rest.

The hard part and sweet part

As early as 7am I was asked to sit, then stand then walk. This was the hardest part, the wound is fresh and feels like it is going to open  and slice up again. But the sweet part is that at around 8am, my daughter was roomed in for feeding. What I noticed first about her is her thick, long and curly lashes.

As soon as the nurse transferred her to me and I held her in my arms, I know that I will be responsible for life with the tiny being I cradled in my arms and that my life will be changed forever. I am a new person now that I was never before, I am now a mom. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preggy Days

This blog is made for the documentation of my life as a mom, wife and everything else in between. I know it is kinda too late since my daughter will be turning 9 months next week October 6th. But believe me being a full time mom requires more work and at the end of the day I feel more tired and was not able to do this long due documentation. The good thing is that I have a complete set of photos to support this documentation, so my goal is that before the year ends I should have been updated with my posts.(cross fingers!)

So I guess for the next few posts, it will all be like a scrapbook/photo album.just to be updated. The pictures will tell the story itself and I hope you all join me in this journey called MOTHERHOOD....

We found out that I was pregnant, May 17, 2010. I was supposed to have my period on May 11 but apparently, my period never came. My husband kept on asking me during that time if I had my period already, we both have the hunch that I am already 'on the way' but we're both scared to assume. I can feel that 'something' is unusual already but at the same time I don't want to expect too much and I keep on associating my pregnancy symptoms to PMS which is actually very much the same. I can say it is really mother's instinct, from the very first day the baby's conceived, I already have the natural feeling to protect it. 

I remember when we were in Baguio, everyday my husband wanted to walk our way from the place where we stay which is a pension house located at Marcos Hi-way going to the downtown which is a mere 2kms( from my estimate) and back again after our roaming around as a form of exercise! Imagine! I obliged despite having to walk those hilly roads. And on our third day, I really cried because I feel so tired on our way back to our place and it left me breathless .  I told him what if I am pregnant and he made do all those rigorous activities, but he told me that if it's already given to us, He will not take it anymore. We didn't know that it was already a sign. My first fainting spell was also experienced that same week in Baguio, but all the while attributing it only to PMS. 

We were able to confirm it on May 17, after dinner. It was surreal seeing 2 lines on the pregnancy test kit. I cried for an unknown reason, when my husband asked me about the result I just cried and wasn't able to say anything. Then I showed him the kit, but he did not know how to interpret it, when I told him it's positive, we hugged each other and cried together. Bittersweet since he will be leaving to go back to the US in 6 days...

I had morning sickness that lasted until my 4th month and then suddenly disappeared. Well it's a good thing actually because if not I could have gained so much weight. But after the morning sickness came in the troublesome heartburn which started during my 5th month til I gave birth.

MAY 2011-5 Weeks
(at Villa Amante  during Hubby's Despedida)
JUNE 19 2010-2 MONTHS
(at Cousin Jo-Ann's Wedding)
July 11, 2010-3 Months
 (during My Birthday)
Sept 11, 2010 -5 Months
(at Patio Victoria attending  a 60th Birthday Party)
October 2010-6 Months
(at home, in my room)
November 2010-7 Months
(at Sampaloc Lake)
Dec 16, 2010-8months 
(at SM City San Pablo-Christmas Dinner with friends)
Dec 31, 2010-FULL TERM ready to deliver anytime
(big tummy!right?)
Dec 31, 2010-FULL TERM ready to deliver anytime ( side view)
January 1st 2011-look how dark  I became because
of my pregnancy and how haggard I looked

Off to the next!

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes
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