Thursday, October 6, 2011

9 Months and Growing

October 6th is my daughter's 9th month birthday....time flies so flies 3 more months to go and she's going to be a year old...

with her wig

Her developments :
- she can utter " MAMA" ( my favorite)
- she now has 2 lower incisors
- 2 upper incisors to erupt
- she can now wave good bye
- she can clap her hands
- dances and jumps when you sing "dance, dance, dance"
- points to her fingers when you say "count 1, 2, 3, 4 5!" then will clap her hands after
- knows when she is hungry and never sleeps without being fed
- knows when to go out of the house for her morning walk a.k.a "pangangapitbahay"
-interested into 2 tv ads 1. Ariel's (man playing violin)-maybe because she was familiar with the classical music being played on the stint and 2.Nescafe's ("good morning sa inyo")- with a woman singing a very easy to follow tune-very catchy indeed!

I love you so much baby, I know you will never go back to these days again, you will continue to develop and grow...and that's the reason why  I wanted to capture and enjoy every moment. I wanted to have something to look back to when you  don't want to be held by me anymore. So for now that I'm still your world, let me savor those precious moments...Don't grow up too fast baby! I wanted to enjoy you more....

I love you Margaret Ceana!

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