Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Cravings Story

Before we move on to delivery, as they say a pregnancy is not complete without those unusual food cravings. Well for me, it is not actually unusual since I just ate ordinary foods at larger quantities and craved for them more than the usual. And these foods are the following :

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Juice (this is what I drank for the first few weeks, and even before I knew I was preggy, I had been drinking it while we were in Baguio-see pregnancy story here)

Blueberry Cheesecake (and I haven't overcome the craving till now)

Cheesebread ( made in a local bakery and I get really frustrated if I was not able to buy because everything has been sold out-since this has a schedule for production-that is after lunch a.k.a 'merienda time' and the fact that it is a bestseller, good timing is needed to buy it)

 Lychees ( this is actually a favorite as in super! pregnant or not)

Mixed Fruits Salad (when I was pregnant I my regular stop during grocery shopping is Puregold's Fresh Fruit Stand-"ung sabi nilang malapit nang mabulok na fruits and they just shave off the bad part and make into salad the good part-well it was damn yummy!))

Dunkin' Donut Strawberry-filled doughnut ( again another favorite pregnant or not!)

Jollibee's TLC Burger( just love the combination of lettuce, cheese and tomato plus the mayo dressing-take note JOLLIBEE not anything else,hehe)

Jollibee's  Meaty Spaghetti (well it was not really meaty after all!there was a time that I was able to eat 4 in a day and that is 'To-Go' or take out, I don't like to dine in at the stores and take note again JOLLIBEE not anything else,hehe!)

How about you?what were your cravings?(pregnant or not)lol

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