Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preggy Days

This blog is made for the documentation of my life as a mom, wife and everything else in between. I know it is kinda too late since my daughter will be turning 9 months next week October 6th. But believe me being a full time mom requires more work and at the end of the day I feel more tired and was not able to do this long due documentation. The good thing is that I have a complete set of photos to support this documentation, so my goal is that before the year ends I should have been updated with my posts.(cross fingers!)

So I guess for the next few posts, it will all be like a scrapbook/photo album.just to be updated. The pictures will tell the story itself and I hope you all join me in this journey called MOTHERHOOD....

We found out that I was pregnant, May 17, 2010. I was supposed to have my period on May 11 but apparently, my period never came. My husband kept on asking me during that time if I had my period already, we both have the hunch that I am already 'on the way' but we're both scared to assume. I can feel that 'something' is unusual already but at the same time I don't want to expect too much and I keep on associating my pregnancy symptoms to PMS which is actually very much the same. I can say it is really mother's instinct, from the very first day the baby's conceived, I already have the natural feeling to protect it. 

I remember when we were in Baguio, everyday my husband wanted to walk our way from the place where we stay which is a pension house located at Marcos Hi-way going to the downtown which is a mere 2kms( from my estimate) and back again after our roaming around as a form of exercise! Imagine! I obliged despite having to walk those hilly roads. And on our third day, I really cried because I feel so tired on our way back to our place and it left me breathless .  I told him what if I am pregnant and he made do all those rigorous activities, but he told me that if it's already given to us, He will not take it anymore. We didn't know that it was already a sign. My first fainting spell was also experienced that same week in Baguio, but all the while attributing it only to PMS. 

We were able to confirm it on May 17, after dinner. It was surreal seeing 2 lines on the pregnancy test kit. I cried for an unknown reason, when my husband asked me about the result I just cried and wasn't able to say anything. Then I showed him the kit, but he did not know how to interpret it, when I told him it's positive, we hugged each other and cried together. Bittersweet since he will be leaving to go back to the US in 6 days...

I had morning sickness that lasted until my 4th month and then suddenly disappeared. Well it's a good thing actually because if not I could have gained so much weight. But after the morning sickness came in the troublesome heartburn which started during my 5th month til I gave birth.

MAY 2011-5 Weeks
(at Villa Amante  during Hubby's Despedida)
JUNE 19 2010-2 MONTHS
(at Cousin Jo-Ann's Wedding)
July 11, 2010-3 Months
 (during My Birthday)
Sept 11, 2010 -5 Months
(at Patio Victoria attending  a 60th Birthday Party)
October 2010-6 Months
(at home, in my room)
November 2010-7 Months
(at Sampaloc Lake)
Dec 16, 2010-8months 
(at SM City San Pablo-Christmas Dinner with friends)
Dec 31, 2010-FULL TERM ready to deliver anytime
(big tummy!right?)
Dec 31, 2010-FULL TERM ready to deliver anytime ( side view)
January 1st 2011-look how dark  I became because
of my pregnancy and how haggard I looked

Off to the next!

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

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