Monday, November 21, 2011

mommy moments - Ceana's Pool Experience

Despite a rainy day last October27, our clan went swimming to a nearby resort which happened to be the venue of or wedding reception some two and a half years ago. This is a mommy moment for me because this is her first time to dip in a pool. you can just imagine the look on her face when her feet touched the icy water!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mommy Duties

It's been some days since my last entry. For the past days my mommy duties are keeping me from spending a lot of time blogging. Ceana is growing so fast that means she is getting active as each day passes and I being a stay at home mom sees ALL her needs-that leaves me drained at the end of the day. My mind is willing but my body is weak! Every night, I always plan of updating my blogs but I always find myself napping in between night feedings(this is one thing I like about breastfeeding!). And before I knew it, it's 4am and I've got just an or so before my princess would wake up...this is my everyday routine :

5am : Ceana wakes up followed by an early morning ritual (poops)-and so I wash her ass this early!
I take my breakfast while feeding her as well at around 6am while glancing on some morning news  and/or morning shows either through UKG  or Unang Hirit

7am : playtime or walker time-this time is training time since I am teaching her to walk by herself she can do a couple or three steps already!yey!when she gets bored I will take her for a walk a.k.a. "pangangapitbahay" since we live in a compound I would usually bring her anywhere within the compound for a refresher until she gets bored again,haha

8am : next feeding starts and she will take her first nap-she is like an alarm clock you will know what the time is because of her actions-she will cry endless unless she gets fed and then falls asleep

9am : bath time then playtime, usually when Daddy is already at home Skype video starts this early and (sometimes if I am lucky she naps for some 30minutes or so before she takes her lunch at 11am...)

11am : lunch time (Daddy still on Skype!)-playtime after

1pm : 2nd nap for the day (sometimes I get to update blogs or view my Facebook/Twitter); but most of the time especially lately, I also take a nap (I never outsleep Ceana naman!)

3pm : play time, video time, story telling time, etc

5pm : time for wash up preparing for dinner after

6-7pm : all prepared to sleep, we listen to her favorite lullabyes, play, watch Mickey Mouse videos

Now you might be wondering-Where is mommy time?

Well now that explains everything...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

pink fridays #96 pink sneakers

These are my daughter's sneakers sent by my bestfriend also one of her godmothers who is based in Massachusetts (I really tried on spelling this to test my spelling skills, hehe). She has two boys and was so excited to buy some cute and pink stuff for a baby girl.

This is my entry for this week's 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Giveaway!

The Christmas season is fastly approaching, along with it is shopping and gift giving season as well. Wouldn't it be nice if there will be some extra cash to spend? It is actually a good thing that Georyl has sponsored this giveaway :

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Merry Christmas in advance, only 42 days to go!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new name...

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 22. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits sponsored by Jared’s Mum of Mumwrites.

Some of your might be confused with the name of this blog and may be wondering whether if you are really at the right blog. Yes you are!Don't worry!

As mentioned in the first post, this blog was initially named Handy Mommy, but then during domain registration that name is already taken so I needed to come up with a new blog name. My Charmed Mom, carries our family's initials, my hubby and I have the same so when I decided for my daughter's name I have looked for names to come up with the same initials (pathetic huh?). 

So when I was brainstorming for this blog's name, I have considered to use the initials since I wanted to carry the word, mommy, mom or MUM and just needed to add an adjective to it (the MY is a given!). Boy!It was difficult, there are a lot of adjectives starting with letter C but some are not appropriate to use and describe the word mom (such as clownish, careful, cute (ahem!hehe), copious, capable, charitable, cautious, catastrophic (wth?), cynical, capricious, conventional, contemporary and the list goes on and on..) 

Then I saw the word CHARMED, looked it up on and came up with these meanings(below), then I was charmed with the word and the rest is history!

So again welcome to my new blog, My Charmed Mom!

The source:
ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
1.charmed - strongly attracted
loving - feeling or showing love and affection; "loving parents"; "loving glances"
2.charmed - filled with wonder and delight
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #28

Welcome to Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #28! Since this blog is relatively new, this is a good start for me, so I am joining this week. Good thing because this week is a Google Friend Connect follow week which means we're going to look for our fellow blogger's GFC buttons and hit it, as easy as that. 
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how to be a TRULY COOL MOM?

Welcome to my new blog!

As some of you might think why HANDY MOMMY? Based from an online dictionary : HANDY adj. 1. Skillful in using one's hands; manually adroit.(quick or skillful or adept in action or thought) 2. Readily accessible 3. Useful; convenient 4. easy to use or handle.

Aren't these the same adjectives you want to have as a mom?Well of course not literally! As a new mom, for me it signifies ease and inspiration though we all know it's one helluva ride. I want to be motivated at the same time to enjoy this process and journey called Motherhood. 

And for my pilot blog, let me share with you my insights about being a cool mom. As a new mommy, I wanted to be just perfect for my kid. I know there isn't such thing as perfect. I know I am going to that path as early as now-of teaching discipline ,of instilling values and norms, of molding my child(ren)to become good individuals someday. It is a long road ahead. It is a tough job. 

One cannot always be a supermom, a mother is also an individual who has her own personal needs to be taken cared of. She is real-human. The tendency of a mom is to always see the needs of her family but neglect her own, this shouldn't be the case. As women, we should also pause and give ourselves some "me time" we're not robots programmed after all.

As I was reading Smart Parenting's Weekly Newsletter,I came upon this Article "8 Traits of a Truly Cool Mom" by Martine de Luna, and here some of the excerpts from the article.

"Being a 'cool mom' is a matter of attitude and a happy disposition."

1. A cool mom is true to herself. 
2. A cool mom isn't a kid-pleaser. 
3. A cool mom is patient. 
4. A cool mom knows where to draw the line between "friend" and "mom". 
5. A cool mom teaches her kids to live simply.
6. A cool mom raises her kid's self esteem.
7. A cool mom knows when to let her kids fly.
8. A cool mom can laugh at whatever life throws her way.

So can you say you're a cool one?Share your ideas with me and let's take this journey together.

To read the article in full, you can click the link above or click this link.

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