Sunday, November 6, 2011

how to be a TRULY COOL MOM?

Welcome to my new blog!

As some of you might think why HANDY MOMMY? Based from an online dictionary : HANDY adj. 1. Skillful in using one's hands; manually adroit.(quick or skillful or adept in action or thought) 2. Readily accessible 3. Useful; convenient 4. easy to use or handle.

Aren't these the same adjectives you want to have as a mom?Well of course not literally! As a new mom, for me it signifies ease and inspiration though we all know it's one helluva ride. I want to be motivated at the same time to enjoy this process and journey called Motherhood. 

And for my pilot blog, let me share with you my insights about being a cool mom. As a new mommy, I wanted to be just perfect for my kid. I know there isn't such thing as perfect. I know I am going to that path as early as now-of teaching discipline ,of instilling values and norms, of molding my child(ren)to become good individuals someday. It is a long road ahead. It is a tough job. 

One cannot always be a supermom, a mother is also an individual who has her own personal needs to be taken cared of. She is real-human. The tendency of a mom is to always see the needs of her family but neglect her own, this shouldn't be the case. As women, we should also pause and give ourselves some "me time" we're not robots programmed after all.

As I was reading Smart Parenting's Weekly Newsletter,I came upon this Article "8 Traits of a Truly Cool Mom" by Martine de Luna, and here some of the excerpts from the article.

"Being a 'cool mom' is a matter of attitude and a happy disposition."

1. A cool mom is true to herself. 
2. A cool mom isn't a kid-pleaser. 
3. A cool mom is patient. 
4. A cool mom knows where to draw the line between "friend" and "mom". 
5. A cool mom teaches her kids to live simply.
6. A cool mom raises her kid's self esteem.
7. A cool mom knows when to let her kids fly.
8. A cool mom can laugh at whatever life throws her way.

So can you say you're a cool one?Share your ideas with me and let's take this journey together.

To read the article in full, you can click the link above or click this link.

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