Saturday, December 24, 2011


Greeting to all of you fro our Family 

Enjoy the season!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

squids to go!

My sister in law's husband is a native of Guinyangan, Quezon.Whenever they will visit the province they make it a point to drop by our home since it's just along the way, at the same time they will bring us freshly-caught seafoods stored in styro boxes (yes boxes-plural!they are that generous). Actually they buy it at bit cheaper price there as compared to the prices we buy it for in the market, sometimes it's priced twice or thrice as much because they buy it straight from the source(directly from the fisherman).

Being a seafood lover ( thank God I don't have the allergies!) I really enjoy these treats so much...

This is squid in sauteed in onions and tomatoes, flavored with coconut milk, so yummy! One thing with squid, there's a perfect timing for cooking it since overcooking will result to gummy texture, but this one is just perfect...

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

cute shirt

Sharing with you one of the many gifts Ceana has received from my her Tito 
 ans I guess there will be more posts to come. She is indeed very lucky to be surrounded by generous people who loves and adores her so much...

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Monday, December 12, 2011


I just wanted to share the online orders I made from Totsy, which I discovered from reading US based mom bloggers. I was amazed at how the prices of their goods are super discounted to think that all are of exceptional quality as well. They have ongoing deals everyday  that you can take advantage of up to 80% or more depending on the product. The discounted prices are open for a limited time after which the offer will not be available anymore. They offer not just children's clothes and accessories but a whole variety of other products for the whole family.

So around November I ordered these from Totsy

I ordered 2 dresses, the white dress for $16.25 and the red one is at $13.25 and matching shoes to these dresses  at $14.25 each.

I ordered two dresses and two matching shoes for a total of $58.50, (it was supposed to be for a total of $122.98-I forgot the details and discounts for each item) and shipping fee (of $7.95) is waived for the  first order. I chose to have it delivered to my husband's address in California because I think they will not accept orders for international delivery. Then he will have it delivered/shipped here in the Philippines. 

One thing that I noticed is that they don't ship right away after the order was placed unlike other online stores, it was actually stated on the site, for my order it took two weeks before they were able to ship it. But the good thing about it is that they deliver what they promise. They said that after confirmation of order that it will be shipped on November 30 and they did. In fact I received this email when they have already shipped my orders:

order number was indicated together with UPS tracking number and the link so that you can easily check it

The verdict, I will yet have to see the quality of the products I ordered but I presume that they are of good condition. According to my husband, (he has shown me when he was opening the package-we were online in Skype) it was packed nicely with a sturdy box-the dresses still in hangers and wrapped in plastic. I am already excited to receive it! and I promised to write a post about it once I get hold of these stuff. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

first Christmas gift

Ceana had her last visit to her pedia for the year last November 26th. She had her IPD vaccine (speaking of expensive!). Her next visit will be on January 20th next year (that also gives me ample time to recover from the expenses-Christmas and first birthday party celebration).

Before we left, her pedia gave her this cute bib and the Lamaze wrist rattle as a Christmas gift, making these the first ever Christmas gifts that Ceana received.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

pink fridays #97 birthday party in pink

My daughter will be turning 11months on December 6th and soon will be her first birthday. Time really flies so fast. I remember that I have started blogging as a result of being awake in the wee hours of the morning after breastfeeding (I am proud to say I am still exclusively breastfeeding Ceana now!). 

For this week I am sharing our pictures from the photo booth of the first birthday party Ceana has attended. Twas the celebration if Tia, a highschool batchmate's daughter who I became close and in constant communication with since I was pregnant. It all came about since we have the same OB-GYNE.and whenever we would have the same check up schedule, we would share our pregnancy experiences and stories. Even after we both gave birth, we shared not only our precious mommy moments but also our struggles as first time mommies. 

It was a mommy moment for me since this I know this will be the first of  many parties she will attend in the future. I am a proud mom because she has behaved so well during the entire party and even posed for the shot below. (if you are wondering, who is the girl in black, well that was ME (plus the figure) 16 years ago,haha....nah! that's my niece Carrie who they said looks a lot like me- she was my 'mini-ME' before Ceana came...)

Carrie-in black, Ceana-in pink headband & sunnies, ME-some pounds and a baby after

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mom-Me Planner

For us moms, one key to fulfill our daily duties is organization. We have tons of chores and errands to do may it be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. One of the recommended must-haves for moms is a reliable planner. I confess that I love planners, it makes my "things to do" plus the other "forget me not" stuff all done in one. 

You can just imagine my ecstasy when I saw this MomMe Planner being given away by Chronicles of a Nursing Mom

The MomMe Planner brings new meaning to planning with its chic and hip design that will surely cater every mom's need in order to be organized.
This giveaway will run until December 15th. Now go ahead and check out Chronicles of a Nursing Mom for the mechanics and other details.

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