Monday, December 12, 2011


I just wanted to share the online orders I made from Totsy, which I discovered from reading US based mom bloggers. I was amazed at how the prices of their goods are super discounted to think that all are of exceptional quality as well. They have ongoing deals everyday  that you can take advantage of up to 80% or more depending on the product. The discounted prices are open for a limited time after which the offer will not be available anymore. They offer not just children's clothes and accessories but a whole variety of other products for the whole family.

So around November I ordered these from Totsy

I ordered 2 dresses, the white dress for $16.25 and the red one is at $13.25 and matching shoes to these dresses  at $14.25 each.

I ordered two dresses and two matching shoes for a total of $58.50, (it was supposed to be for a total of $122.98-I forgot the details and discounts for each item) and shipping fee (of $7.95) is waived for the  first order. I chose to have it delivered to my husband's address in California because I think they will not accept orders for international delivery. Then he will have it delivered/shipped here in the Philippines. 

One thing that I noticed is that they don't ship right away after the order was placed unlike other online stores, it was actually stated on the site, for my order it took two weeks before they were able to ship it. But the good thing about it is that they deliver what they promise. They said that after confirmation of order that it will be shipped on November 30 and they did. In fact I received this email when they have already shipped my orders:

order number was indicated together with UPS tracking number and the link so that you can easily check it

The verdict, I will yet have to see the quality of the products I ordered but I presume that they are of good condition. According to my husband, (he has shown me when he was opening the package-we were online in Skype) it was packed nicely with a sturdy box-the dresses still in hangers and wrapped in plastic. I am already excited to receive it! and I promised to write a post about it once I get hold of these stuff. 

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Rebel Sweetheart said...

Totsy success mars! Love the pink Mary Janes! ;)

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