Monday, January 30, 2012

My Birthday Girl

This post is too late (going to be almost a month!). But I just wanted to share the stuff I ordered online from Totsy. I have mentioned in this post  about the matching dresses and shoes I ordered from the website. I had it at free shipping to my husband's address and Hubby shipped it here (cost him $25 off peak rate for a 6lb LBC box) together with some other stuff-birthday shirt for Ceana + another cool shirt for her, Gap V-neck shirt for me and some BBW creams and late Christmas gifts for my family.

It came late for Christmas but just in time for her birthday. She wore the white dress when we attended mass in the morning and the red one during the celebration later that afternoon. So here it is : 

Ceana in white dress embroidered with little beads 
Did you see the matching shoes?It is actually producing those toot-toot sounds that are common to  children's shoes

BIRTHDAY GIRL! So proud of my Little Princess

at the party wearing the red dress
Verdict : I love the Totsy dresses, definitely worth it! I can say it was really a good deal because of the big discount I got from the purchase. The fabric of the dresses were superb-since it is made of cotton, it didn't irritate my daughter's skin and more than that she felt comfortable in it. I like best the intricately embroidered designs of the dresses and the  appliqued little beads. The same goes for the shoes, which are also very comfy, suitable for babies/children who are just beginning to walk.

If you want to check out their products you can go ahead and visit Totsy.

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