Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moms for Social Good – Help Raise Diaper Funds for Babies, Toddlers, and Special Needs Children

I am proud to be one of the first 400 Founding Members of Moms for Social Good when it launched last January 9th (2012), though I was not able to make posts about the past two campaigns that it has launched namely : Educating African Children and Malaria No More's Dream Big for Africa, I am still committed with the group's advocacy and that is to use social media and blogging voluntarily to help spread the word about the amazing work non-profit organizations and NGO's do around the world.

This time around, the partner for our third campaign is Atlanta Diaper Relief which is an organization dedicated to give out diapers to poor families, they are a diaper bank which collects diapers through their drives and distributes them to families in need. They believe that mothers do not have to make a choice between diapers and food and that they don't have to use soiled, reused diapers to their children. 

According to Kia Morgan Smith, founder and SEO of Atlanta Diaper Relief, though they receive thousands of diapers, they receive very few financial donations which make operations harder to maintain. 

In lieu of this, we are asking for your help to give out DONATIONS to Atlanta Diaper Relief and help them continue their projects and advocacy. Log in to their website.

Let's join together and spread the word!

You can help via Twitter by tweeting : 

Donate to @ATLDiaperRelief and help babies, toddlers, and #specialneedschildren in need of diapers! 4 hours ago

If you want to be part of Moms for Social Good and be involved, click here.

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