Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Reason for Everything

Don't get me wrong, this is not an excuse letter. haha If you have been visiting this blog frequently you might have noticed the lack of more personal posts maybe for the past two months or so. Actually there had been so many things to write and post about but juggling my time between blogging and being a mom to a growing toddler is no joke as I have mentioned in a post before. Now that Ceana has become more active, I need to keep an eye on her as she likes to put everything in her mouth and also I need to guide her as she explores on things. That means more time supervising her, actually more playing time equals lesser time online. 

Looking back, December came and left so suddenly, with the Holidays, all the reunions plus the preparation for my daughter's first birthday party last January 6th (a post which I haven't done yet) I was able to write only a few blogs posts both for this blog and my other blog
After the party, I was hoping to get back in tune, update my posts and do regular blogging but then a mishap happened. Dawn of January 11, my laptop and my two cellphones were nabbed from our bedroom's window. Yes, you can call me silly for leaving it open which was how it was for the longest time I can remember. I feel suffocated with all windows closed and besides I believe that it was relatively 'safe' since we live in a compound. But I was wrong. One thing that I was distressed about the loss, more than the loss of the gadgets is the loss of all the pictures stored in the laptop, most specially of my daughter's. You can call me silly (again) for not having back ups, but hey who would've think it will happen? Good things is that I have uploaded most of it, if not all to Facebook and her videos to Youtube (thank God for social media sites!).

Until now, I'd rather not think about what happened, I just console myself with the thinking that whoever got it must've used it for something really worthwhile and I hope that it has helped him. On the otherhand, this also explains my lack of zest to do posts, with no photos to use and with no entries to use in joining weekly meme, much more a laptop to use for blogging, who will have the desire to continue blogging? I admit, I thought, this will be the end of it all. With  two new blogs merely six and three months old, striving to build traffic and get good page rank who will survive blogging without a laptop? 
But God indeed delivers, my 12 year old nephew, made some sacrifice and lent me his netbook, (since I have no plans of buying a new one because of some future plans same reason why I have resorted to giveaway sponsorships which are quite addicting by the way! using my Paypal earnings from sponsored posts in joining giveaway hops), aside from that, despite the lack of posts this blog got a PR2 and my other blog, Of Limes and Lemons a PR1 in the recent run made by Google. yay! 

Indeed everything happens for a reason, some of which we even can't comprehend. Honestly, I had been in and out of synch lately due to some other personal reasons but I realized that there are a lot of other better things to be grateful and hopeful for. Never mind the small stuff! The experiences I had gave me more determination to continue this journey with blogging and to look forward for more important and delightful things ahead. Happy days are gonna be here again, soon!

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